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An ad from Dunkin Donuts featuring Rachel Ray was pulled off the Internet after a conservative right wing blogger decried that it was a propaganda aimed at Muslim terrorists.

Blogger Michelle Malkin wrote in a piece yesterday that the scarf that Ray is wearing is symbolic of jihad terrorists.

I’m sorry, but that is hogwash. In this CNN article, Amahl Bishara (from the University of Chicago) said

“I think that a right-wing blogger making an association between a kaffiyeh and terrorism is just an example of how so much of the complexity of Arab culture has been reduced to a very narrow vision of the Arab world on the part of some people in the U.S.,” Bishara said in a phone interview. “Kaffiyehs are worn every day on the street by Palestinians and other people in the Middle East – by people going to work, going to school, taking care of their families, and just trying to keep warm.”

That is exactly my sentiments here. Americans have become so radical in their thinking, often influenced by mainstream media, that we’ve started to target anyone who remotely looks Muslim as a terrorist.

It doesn’t stop there. Too often than is necessary, Americans have targeted Blacks as criminals and of course there is always the issue of racial profiling. What just happened here with Rachel Ray is a classic example of racial profiling and religious profiling.


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For those of you who read my posting, Idiocy at its Finest, here’s another link, provided by Alli.

This link lists several different news reports that repute the claim that Obama is a Muslim.

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Sunday morning Leah got up from eating the pancakes I made for the family (at 7:45am, no less) and disappeared for a good five minutes.

Upon returning to the table, she declared that she had (in ASL): POOPED HARD.

We giggled. Then being crazy parents, we asked what color it was and she replied with a matter-of-fact expression: “brown.”

Alli then looked at me and said “oh no, Leah will have to go to the hospital, she is sick and she will need shots!”

I nodded in agreement.  Leah looked at the two of us puzzled with a “wha?” expression.

“Leah has the wrong color poop. She needs purple poop.”

“No, you funny! Brown poop!”

“No, Leah. You need purple poop, Right dad?”

“Yep, my poop is blue. Girls have purple poop.”

Leah looked dumbfounded. Confused, she told Alli “NO! BROWN POOP!”

“No, honey, we have to bring you to the hospital for shots. You are sick.”

At that point, I think the misery got to her and she looked flustered and ran from the dining table, sobbing to the living room.


Alli walked over to her, consoled her and told her “I’m teasing” with a smile on her face.

Leah looked at Alli then at me, and through the tears smiled and said “you teased!” She started laughing.

Thus continues the saga of poop in our household.

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I’m a columnist on http://www.i711.com.

I write about sports and entertainment and every three weeks a new column comes out.

Here’s this week’s column. Enjoy!

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Idiocy at its Finest

I have an acquaintance. Let’s call her Dorothy.

Dorothy is an avid John McCain supporter. She goes nuts when explaining his credentials and why he is the best choice for November 2008.

Apparently, Dorothy is a religious zealot as well. She has been going around telling people I know. She has been telling them that she refuses to vote for Barack Obama because he is Muslim.

In fact, she even went overboard and told someone that if elected, she would shoot Obama. Now, there is a law prohibiting any threats to a current president or vice president or even the president-elect.

But what got me really angry was her bold assertion that Barack Obama is a Muslim. She was so determined in her facts that she refused to listen to me. She even got into a shouting match with me — although it was pretty much animated on her part and one-sided.

Let me tell you this: He. Is. Not. A. Muslim.

Dorothy even claimed that Obama used the Koran to take the oath of office for the Senator of Illinois. I kept telling her that Obama was raised a Christian. She would hear none of it.

The worse part is, the people she told actually believe her and now they won’t vote for him solely because they believe he is a Muslim. I had to explain to these people why he was not a Muslim. I do wonder if they believe me.

Infuriated, I checked the Internet the same day I had the disagreement with Dorothy. I found two sites that credibly point out that Obama is not a Muslim. The Washington Post had an article last November about this, and Obama’s own campaign website points out the rumors and clarifies the facts.

The Muslim in reference that she said used the Koran to swear in? That was Representative Keith Ellison from Minnesota. He used a copy of the Koran that used to belong to Thomas Jefferson.

The sad thing is, Dorothy never checked up on her facts. She was so stubborn about this that she refused to listen to me. There are many others like her in America and it is one of the reasons why we are such a bigoted country.

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Last night my lovely partner and I watched The Golden Compass.

We have the book series at home but haven’t read it yet. Actually, Alli has read the first book, but I haven’t. We are fully aware of the controversy surrounding the movie when it was released last winter.

After watching the movie, we clearly see that contrary to critical perception, the movie does not attack religion in general. It rather attacks the influence that the authority of the church has on our “free will” to make decisions for ourselves.

In the Middle Ages and later during the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Church was the most powerful entity in the world and had so much power and wealth (and influence) in daily life from monarchies to simple peasants. Churches and the districts around them often built gigantic Gothic cathedrals as a testament of their faith, and their wealth. Later, it took a simple Catholic monk named Martin Luther to challenge the church and its practices.

I think this is where Philip Pullman (the author of “His Dark Materials” series) is going with the movie. He is a self professed atheist, but the gist of the film is not a direct attack on religion itself. It is a subtle interpretation on how religion can (and does) have an influence on how we make our daily decisions.

Two pieces I recommend reading: Al Mohler’s The Golden Compass — A Briefing for Concerned Christians, and Jeffrey Overstreet’s Fear Not the Compass.

A warning here – Mohler reminds me of a conservative Christian Rush Limbaugh, and Overstreet is more analytical and easier to understand.

Nevertheless, there is clear evidence that Pullman intended his book series to be about “killing God” as he explained in an interview.

I cannot provide more analysis until I read the book, as there may be more to the story than what I’ve seen in the movie. But for now, get your popcorn, drinks, and snuggle up with someone and enjoy the movie!

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Scene of the Crime: Silver Diner, Rockville

People present: QueenAlpo, Saz, Lil’ Red and myself

Time: Approximately 11 a.m. last Sunday

Mysterious object: a plastic tag used to twist-tie plastic bread bags

The situation: I was taking out my wife for a mother’s day breakfast with Lil’ Red and Saz in tow and we were in the middle of enjoying our breakfast and talking about farting and pooping (of all things!) when Alli gave a puzzled look at her pancakes. There was something white inside the pancakes.


It was a plastic tag used to tie plastic bags that are used to keep bread fresh! Whoa! Major Wendy’s situation here! At least no mouse parts!

Alli summoned our waiter and he apologized and whisked away the plastic tag. A few moments later the Manager came with a coupon for a free entree for Alli. What, no check? Aw, come on!

Alli at least got free breakfast, a future free entree, and some great company on the day we pseudo-celebrate Mother’s Day. Want to know more about her views of MD? Go here!

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