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There’s definitely something in the air or water here.

Even Alli has often noticed the change in my appearance and my moods when I enter New York State.

I visibly become less stressed out, happier, and “at peace” whenever I’m home in Woodstock, NY.

I guess, after all, it must be the hippie charm here.

I can’t tell if it happens to Alli because she grew up in MoCo and still lives there, but does it happen to any of you guys when you visit your childhood hometown?

(Typical daily gathering over the summer months at the Village Green in Woodstock. Music, dancing, hanging out, enjoying life to its fullest.)


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Here at the Kaftan household, I’m trying to combat my cabin fever (already!) by cleaning out our basement. Since Alli and I pretty much agreed we won’t have any more kids, we’re getting rid of all of our baby stuff and Leah’s clothes.

Before I try Goodwill and Craig’s List, I want to offer these things to you for free (some) and for sale (CHEAP).

Sagolek (from Ikea) play castle. Water resistant and in excellent condition. Only used three or four times. $5 dollars.

2.4 GHz wireless baby monitor in excellent condition and in original packaging. $20 (or negotiate offer).

Lava lamps! Two different colors: blue liquid with white lava in a black metal base. Also have clear liquid with red lava in silver metal base. $5 each. (in good condition)

evenflo car seat. Designed for toddlers. It has some wear and tear on the padding and on the back from adjusting straps as our daughter grew up. $5 or better offer. Comes with cup holders on both sides.

Aiwa CX NAJ50 CD-R/CD-RW 3-disc stereo system. In excellent condition. Only used for several months. Comes with instruction book, remote control, and all wiring. $20 or best offer.

Leap Frog brand toys. All still work and all are in excellent condition. We got most of these before we found out Leah was deaf, so she didn’t play with these toys much. $15 for all four or $4 each.

Graco Glider stroller. Big wheels (think easy navigation on sidewalks) with cup holders, tray for kids, and shade. In good condition, with normal wear on wheels, $10.

Medela “Pump In Style” travel breastpump. Only used for two months. In excellent condition and comes with everything, bags, wipes, ice chest (build-in). $40 or best offer.


  • Girls clothes, all sizes from newborn to 6T (clothes are free, but if you get some, donations would be appreciated).
  • Baby and toddler toys (apart from the Leap Frog toys, these are typical Fisher Price kind of toys you will find anywhere. Toys are 50 cents to $1 each.
  • Baby stuff — ranging from milk bottles, breast milk bags, potty seats, bathtub for babies, etc. Prices vary from $1 to $5.

Please pass the word. If you know of someone who wants or needs these things, direct them to this blog or have them contact me via email at ckaftan (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thank you for patronizing Kaftan Antiques Store! (winks)

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I regularly read Dooce.

For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s the first person probably to be fired from her job from blogging about her job. So, she made blogging a living and she’s been doing it for 7 years now.


She has guest posts this week and the last one of this week caught my attention and I found myself grinning at some of the episodes in this blog.

Read on. It’s interesting. A short synopsis: It’s about public restrooms.

Happy father’s day to all the men who are genuine fathers out there! I’ll definitely enjoy my weekend with my two girls!

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I met Zara Husain last year while she was subbing at my old place of employment. During our occasional lunches together Zara would explain about her life briefly. She spoke about her Masters’ program at Johns Hopkins University. Her experiences in high school, and her experiences in her native Pakistan.

She just graduated from JHU last month and is featured in a story in Johns Hopkins Magazine.

This story reminds me of the book I read a couple of months ago “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World.” It’s the story of the Room to Read Foundation. The story in the magazine is a nice one. I particularly like this paragraph:

And when parents say they feel terrible that their deaf children are “not normal,” Husain stops them from speaking another word. “I am normal,” she tells them. “Your children are normal. They are fine. You are the person in need of help.”

Such stronger words couldn’t be spoken. Zara has done so much for her passion of deaf education in Pakistan, and she hasn’t even scratched the surface yet.

So, pardon me while I stand up and applaud Zara’s accomplishments and wish her all the best with her trailblazing.

(Hat tip to Shilpa for the link of the story.)

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*ADVANCE WARNING* Do not, in any circumstance, attempt to do what you witness in the forthcoming video.

I never knew cell phones could be so evil!

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Always an interesting day in the Kaftan household…

I can only cringe thinking about my own balls. Ow.

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