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Accountability, Anyone?

This might be old news to some of you, but I didn’t find out about this until last weekend.

The feds gave AIG $85 billion to bail out their company.

A week later, the executives used our taxpayer money to go to a posh resort in California. The total? Nearly $443,000 for a week retreat.

Fees included banquets, spas, rooms with ocean views, and posh food.

Umm…excuse me? That’s money for the American people, not greedy corporate executives.

And will someone remind me why the economy went down the toilet last week?


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So we were duped last night.

The clip with the MSD cheerleader and myself in it didn’t make it on live national TV last night. Instead it was a clip of the football team in practice, in a game, and the head coach, Andy Bonheyo.

From what I hear from officials at school today, the clip with me in it actually makes it on TV this coming Sunday, October 19.

I just hope it actually will air.

Thank you all for the comments, pager messages and such. It is an awesome thing…really.

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A couple of weeks ago, a crew from the Toyota Line of Scrimmage came to where I work (Maryland School for the Deaf) to film the cheerleaders and the football team and to profile our star running back, Ryan.

Tonight at halftime during the Sunday Night Football game on NBC will be the first of two segments. The next one is next week.

So, either watch during halftime the Toyota Line of Scrimmage segment tonight — it’s only 45-seconds long, so don’t miss it — or watch the clip from the website.

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Be very careful of automated car wash centers.

This is my brother’s car. (Duh, it’s like, obvious. Look at the Yankees plate frame.)

This is his damaged rear window.

This is a result of the Sirius radio antenna getting stuck in one of the rotors and “whipping” into the window, damaging it.

My brother told me he was sitting in the car while it was moving along when he suddenly heard a loud bang and looked in his mirror to see his window shattered. He immediately started honking his horn like crazy and they shut down the wash, but by then the back of his car was full of soap suds and water.

Let this be a lesson for y’all.

Oh yeah…the car wash center will pay for his window, but probably not the rear radio speakers. (And he’s hoping to get them to pay for the replacements.)

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At Long Last…

My little brother and his awesome bride, Annie, tied the knot on September 20.

Yes, I know, it’s been two weekends since, shut up. I haven’t had time to blog that much. Plus I was freaking out over a 100 mile bicycle ride I wanted to accomplish on October 4.

It was one of the nicest weddings I’ve been to. Friends I grew up with, family members I haven’t seen in 10 years. Leah going nuts on the dance floor. Plus, I’m biased. It’s my brother and the wonderful woman who can keep him on his toes, Annie.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, with some narration.

Me and my little sister, Melanie. I think it’s one of the nicest pictures of the two of us together.

Leah and her grandpa (my Dad). Again, one of the nicest pictures of them together I can recall.

Aunt Mel, Leah and Dad dancing away the night.

Annie and Trevor with their cake.

The five of us…

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Leah Moment #1214

Leah: I’m full now.

Mom: If you’re full, you can stop eating now.

L: No. I am still eating. It will come out in my poop.

M: Are you sure?

L: Yes, (points at cheddar potato soup in bowl) I will finish it and it will come out.

M: looks at Leah

L: No, wait, I drink the soup, so maybe it will come out peeing.

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