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Me and the family had Thanksgiving with Sazzy and her fiance, Jeff.

We had my sister, Melanie, visit from NYC.

Jeff’s mom gave us a scare when she opened the door and acted like we were at the wrong apartment. But when she started signing, that pretty much gave it away.

Good food — 3 different kinds of potatoes, 5 different vegetables, and two meat spreads (Alli and I didn’t eat either), and awesome desserts, wines, and company!

Here are two photos, courtesy of Sazz:



After Thanksgiving Day, we avoided Black Friday shopping and instead took in a captioned showing of Bolt, Disney’s new movie. I found myself laughing at what seemed like numerous lines and it’s a touchy-feely heartwarming movie. After the movie, I went home and hugged my dog. Plus we ate out at Austin Grill after the movie.

Saturday morning, had to drive Melanie to the bus so she could catch her bus back to NYC. Then we went to get a few more decorations for our holiday theme this year: blue and silver! Last year our theme was jewel-tone, and two years ago it was red and gold. We already know our theme for Christmas 2009!

Now our house is decked and ready for the holidays!


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Buy Nothing Day

This is why I don’t shop on Black Friday.

This is really sad and sick. A Wal-Mart employee was killed yesterday in Valley Stream, NY after being trampled by customers who broke down the doors before the store officially opened and before they could enact crowd control.

The sick thing? Shoppers were angry when the store decided to close because of the death and some people refused to leave because they wanted to shop.

Hello? Morality lesson here? Someone died and you want to keep shopping?

This is sick, really sick.

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Congrats, Coach Burke!

A man I look up to that emphasizes integrity, hard work, and success on and off the field has been recognized by the Washington Redskins.

Coach Mark Burke, head coach of Model Secondary School for the Deaf’s football team won the “Coach of the Week” award by the Redskins this week. He is the first Deaf coach to be recognized. That’s a big honor, especially noting that up the beltway in Frederick, MD, coach Andy Bonheyo of the Maryland School for the Deaf has had some notable teams and success himself, first at MSSD, then Texas School for the Deaf and now at MSD.

I worked with Mark for two years when I was at MSSD and when the AD resigned, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Mark to take over and in two years, he has done wonders for the athletic program at MSSD.

Congrats, buddy!

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img_18452(photo by Sazzy)

“No, Alli, I don’t want veggies! I want dessert! Like last time!”

Honorable Mention:

Hilary: “I love how when I squeeze my eyes this tight, it’s like I’m looking into a kaleidoscope! Oooh, the stars…. so pretty… “

Sazzy: “Oh noes, I has something up my azz! Go away, ceiling cat stop laughing! Maybe it’s a wedgie, shit.”

Honorable Partner Mention:

QueenAlpo: “Death rays… ACTIVATE!”

Congrats to Michelle Ayers!

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Caption Time!

UPDATE: QueenAlpo has volunteered to chip in $5 extra if the caption does not reference to “farting, constipation, pooping, or any other emission (or lack thereof) of the latter end of the gastrointestinal tract”.

People are allowed to submit as many as they want, and the deadline is Wednesday, November 12 at 8pm EST.

Create a caption for this picture…if I get awesome submissions in the comments section, I’d consider giving the winner a $10 Barnes & Noble or $10 Starbucks gift certificate!

If you want to be considered, give me a VALID e-mail address when you leave your comment (not in the box, but in the field).


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Last weekend Alli had a very small birthday event.

My brother Trevor and his new wife (a.k.a. sister in law) Annie came down for the weekend to visit us and take Leah trick or treating on Halloween.

Of course they were invited to the birthday event. We warned them they’d be the only hearing people there. That would be a big turn-around for them as it’s normally the deaf people who are the only ones there. I had a relaly tough weekend trying to be cheerful and happy for my brother at his bachelor’s party the end of August. By the second day, I was so miserable that I couldn’t even cheer up or laugh at little things. I was totally left alone (with the exception of Tom, Trevor’s awesome friend, and Kyle).

So, this time around, it’d be them with us. Trevor can sign a little, but is quite rusty. Annie is a beginner. And I mean really a beginner. She barely knows the alphabet and a few catch signs (eat, drink, cat, etc.).

Turns out, it looks like they both had a good time! At least they had each other.

tjanniebowling(TJ and Annie, with Bobby in the foreground)

CK and TJ

It was a nice night with them and the next day a relaxing day! My sister got really jealous. Don’t worry Mel, you and Anthony are next!

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