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Happy holidays to all of you!


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Over French toast this morning, Alli and I were discussing Christmas shopping then that brought us to wedding dresses (other people’s dresses, mind you), and Leah pretty much caught on what we were talking about. From that point on, we started to discuss the “superficial” details about how babies were made.

After I explained that “Daddy put something with Mommy and we made you and Mommy gave birth to you” Leah then started declaring she would have a baby soon — when she grows up. She even graphically explained that we would help hold her legs while she gave birth.

Alli explained that you need two people — a person or a doctor to make a baby and that Leah can’t do it “alone.” Leah’s response? “OK.”

She’s going to be 7 this Saturday and she’s already thinking of having kids!

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