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Perm’d Up — The Story

I’ve been wanting to grow my hair long. No, not Fabio-style. Just longer.

But, not like this:


I was looking for something like this:


I stopped going to my usual barbershop in December. Switched to Bubbles, where they pamper your hair and one simple haircut costs you the equivalent of a night out with your significant other.

My hairstylist, Nam, has been working on my hair since then. In January, she told me to come back in two months. Yesterday I went in — for a perm.

Warning: Parental Advisory Ahead, Explicit Hair


No one told me what perms looked like or what they required.

I just assumed they would put in some kind of chemicals and maybe roll up a few strands of hair in rollers and put me under one of these warming hoods (or whatever they’re called).

Guess what, my whole head was covered with rollers. Ow. I now have pity for every woman in the world who has had to put rollers on.

I’d like to become a honorary member of the Hair Rollers Club of America!


The chemicals smelled like peroxide and hair dye. From the looks of it, the color of my hair didn’t change at all.

After 20 minutes sitting with Leah laughing at me about how the rollers are FOR women, I had more chemicals applied, and then the rollers taken off one by one and given a hair wash to rinse out everything.

And…viola! The new-look CK!



I mentioned in my Twitter feed that I had curls for the first time in my life. It’s hard to see with this picture, but I have curls on the lower part of my head.

The price? You don’t want to know. Enough to feed 1,000 kids in Africa — I think.

Would I do it again? No. Once is enough.


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If you’re like me and you’re in your house waiting for the snow to stop to start shoveling or to stay warm, here’s a video that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

I’m sure at the end, he’s like “huh, wha??? Okay, that was a strange dream.”

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