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Last night, I had an improptu meeting for an organization I am volunteering my time with. The website launch of that company is scheduled for May 1 and we had to meet to fix the kinks in the system and I had to bring Leah with me. She had a horse to play with (same size as a plastic army toy soldier) and a book to read.

Being a restless 7-year old that she is, she got bored after 10 minutes. The nice people at Starbucks gave her a paper to draw on and coloring markers. Nice.

After that, Leah graciously gave her drawing to the barista and the barista proudly displayed Leah’s art on the bulletin board in the restaurant.

The going price is $5…any takers? Go to the Starbucks in downtown Silver Spring, the one next to Potbelly. It’ll be gone soon 🙂



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