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Two years ago, I recorded every single commercial during the Super Bowl on CBS. All of my statistics can be found on this blog post.

This year, NAD asked for folks to keep track of the commercials to see which ones were captioned.

71% of the commercials were captioned two years ago.

This time around, I recorded 78 commercials from 6:30pm to the end of the Super Bowl. Amazingly, only threee were not captioned. That’s a stunning 96.2% of commercials captioned. That’s a huge, huge difference from two years ago. Kudos to NBC for stepping up with the captions this year.

The three that were not captioned? ERA (Employee Rights Act), Chevy OnStar, and NBC’s own “America’s Got Talent”, featuring Howard Stern.

My favorite commercials? The Fiat, The Volkswagen Dog/Darth Vader, Pepsi Elton John, and NBC’s spoof of Betty White.

Until next year!


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