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Since 1990, 66% of teams that start the season 6-4 have made the playoffs.

With that statistic in mind, you can count on the chances of the following teams making the playoffs at 66%:

Indianapolis, Cincinnati, New England, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Denver, Dallas, New Orleans, Minnesota, Arizona, New York Giants, Philadelphia, and Green Bay.

Of the teams above, only a handful gave a worthy performance today. New England, San Diego, Minnesota, and Green Bay.

The rest either did not live up to their potential or did not deserve their night in the spotlight. Take the following things into mind.

Dallas continues to exhibit an offensive brain fart. I don’t know which coach is worse: Charlie Weis or Wade Phillips. How can you justify barely winning at home against a 3-7 team, scoring only one touchdown. As one of my old college co-workers stated on Twitter, the Mayor of Dallas should be giving a key to the city to Redskins kicker Shawn Suisham. Thanks to Suisham, Dallas narrowly defeated the Redskins, 7-6.

Grit wins games, as Indianapolis learned today. How can you justify going into an hostile environment today (M & T Bank Stadium) and winning by two? It was all about making the correct plays. Peyton Manning was outgunned by his younger brother today, but yet still led Indianapolis to its 19th straight win, two shy of the NFL record set by the Patriots several seasons ago.

Speaking of the Mannings, what a game Eli had today! Eli set career highs in passing yardage with 384 yards on 25 for 39, with three touchdowns and one interception. If not for Matt Stafford (read below) or Brett Favre, I’d call it the Offensive Performance of the Week. Eli willed the Jints to their sixth win of the season, snapping a four-game losing streak.

Boy did San Diego send a statement today. A win at Mile High over the reeling Broncos to claim first in the AFC West. Sure, Denver’s been off the last two games since Kyle Orton went down, but that’s not an excuse. Denver defeated Dallas, so they were legit. Something’s wrong with the Broncos, and something’s going right for the Chargers.

Detroit may have saved their season with that game today. Defeating the Browns with no time on the clock, and Matt Stafford throwing his fifth touchdown of the day? Amazing. Detroit has totaled their win-total from the past two seasons already this year. That’s good news for the Motor City.

Big Ben was knocked out, and the Steelers lost. Roethlisberger had 398 yards, 3 TDs and 2 INT on 32 for 42 passing. That is a good game if anything, but Kansas City won their first game at Arrowhead Stadium today behind an overtime field goal.

Is Favre Human? How can a 40-year old man have a passer rating of near-perfect? 141.8? in the 10 games this season, Favre has had only three games of sub-100 passer ratings. He has 21 touchdowns against three interceptions. The way the Vikes are playing, they will probably meet New Orleans in the NFC Championship game in January.

After the 4th and 2 dilemma last week, New England delivered today.The Pats scored on three straight drives in the end of the first and in the early minutes of the second quarter, to put the game out of reach of their divisional rivals.

Vince Young’s going back to the state of Texas, but he won’t win. This is Houston, This is Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. No way will they let the Titans win. The Texans will win. On Monday Night Football.

It’s not football, but…congratulations to Jimmie Johnson on his fourth straight Sprint Cup title.

Game of the week for next week that I can’t wait to see: New England at New Orleans. There’s also Pittsburgh at Baltimore on Sunday night and the Giants at Denver on Thanksgiving. My brother better have the NFL Network…or else.



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It’s November 21 and today was the first day I actually watched more than two games in the college football season. Blame the Deaflympics in Taiwan. Blame new commitments in life. Blame so many things happening. All of these had something to do with my not being able to watch a full day’s schedule of games. Heck, I have not even watched the New York Giants play a game since their victory in Arlington, TX (over the Dallas Cowboys).

After just completing the Oregon v. Arizona game, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Rich Rodriguez sucks. How can he go from being a good coach in West Virginia to a bust in Michigan? It’s all about the Conferences, babe.
  • Florida gets their 21st straight win. I can’t wait for Florida v. Alabama, part two.
  • Is Michigan really that bad? They’ve lost six straight against the Buckeyes. And even the Buckeyes weren’t that smooth today. They’re just lucky Iowa lost and they got into the Rose Bowl. I’d have preferred Penn State.
  • Colt McCoy has my vote for Heisman this year, with Tim Tebow a close second. The conference championships in two weeks will tell me who deserves it outright.
  • Both Boise State and TCU both should earn FBS bowl bids. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  • I have praise for Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame. He goes out and throws for 329 yards and two touchdowns. It’s not him. It’s the ND defense.
  • For all the fumbles Jeremiah Masoli has, he still electrifies. He gave Oregon the win over Arizona tonight.
  • Who’s the bigger fool? Charlie Weis or Rodriguez? Right now my money’s on Weis, and it’s because he has the better talent than R-Rod.
  • Les Miles, what were you thinking? You let nearly 14 seconds burn off the clock. That was bad clock management. What, are you trying to compete with Weis and R-Rod?
  • That makes it the second year in a row the Ole Miss Rebels have knocked off a big SEC team. Last year being Florida.
  • The Civil War this coming weekend will be outright nasty. And in a good way. I want Oregon. And it’s only because of Masoli.
  • Alabama v. Auburn on Friday, FSU v. Florida on Saturday. It’ll be two 12-0 teams in the SEC championships.


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Last week, my place of employment was treated to a visit by the current Colorado Teacher of the Year and one of the finalists of the National Teacher of the Year —Susan Elliott.

Her presentation to the group of teachers who were watching was very inspiring — she empahsized the importance of adapting in today’s educational culture. Especially with technology taking precedent.

Then she led us to this video clip her colleague at another high school produced. I was so much in-awe of that video that I shared it with the interns I supervise for the U.S. Deaflympic Media Team, and I want to share this with my Internet friends…

And after you’re done, let me know what you think…

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Buy Nothing Day

This is why I don’t shop on Black Friday.

This is really sad and sick. A Wal-Mart employee was killed yesterday in Valley Stream, NY after being trampled by customers who broke down the doors before the store officially opened and before they could enact crowd control.

The sick thing? Shoppers were angry when the store decided to close because of the death and some people refused to leave because they wanted to shop.

Hello? Morality lesson here? Someone died and you want to keep shopping?

This is sick, really sick.

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Congrats, Coach Burke!

A man I look up to that emphasizes integrity, hard work, and success on and off the field has been recognized by the Washington Redskins.

Coach Mark Burke, head coach of Model Secondary School for the Deaf’s football team won the “Coach of the Week” award by the Redskins this week. He is the first Deaf coach to be recognized. That’s a big honor, especially noting that up the beltway in Frederick, MD, coach Andy Bonheyo of the Maryland School for the Deaf has had some notable teams and success himself, first at MSSD, then Texas School for the Deaf and now at MSD.

I worked with Mark for two years when I was at MSSD and when the AD resigned, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Mark to take over and in two years, he has done wonders for the athletic program at MSSD.

Congrats, buddy!

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Can’t Look At Ya…

I only watched 20 minutes of the Presidential Debate last night.

I’m not into hot air or all of the rhetoric, instead I observed the candidates’ body language.

I think this post says it all…

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Saw this piece in CNN this morning, some developers previously employed at Google have created their own search engine. — Cuil.

Yessir, Cuil.

I tested it. It’s not as effective as I hoped. I used the search words “Electrical contractors in Maryland” and the site said no search items were found. I tried the same thing with Google and I registered more than 140,000 hits.

I guess Cuil has some work to do.

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