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Scene of the Crime: Silver Diner, Rockville

People present: QueenAlpo, Saz, Lil’ Red and myself

Time: Approximately 11 a.m. last Sunday

Mysterious object: a plastic tag used to twist-tie plastic bread bags

The situation: I was taking out my wife for a mother’s day breakfast with Lil’ Red and Saz in tow and we were in the middle of enjoying our breakfast and talking about farting and pooping (of all things!) when Alli gave a puzzled look at her pancakes. There was something white inside the pancakes.


It was a plastic tag used to tie plastic bags that are used to keep bread fresh! Whoa! Major Wendy’s situation here! At least no mouse parts!

Alli summoned our waiter and he apologized and whisked away the plastic tag. A few moments later the Manager came with a coupon for a free entree for Alli. What, no check? Aw, come on!

Alli at least got free breakfast, a future free entree, and some great company on the day we pseudo-celebrate Mother’s Day. Want to know more about her views of MD? Go here!


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You got to give props to my wife — she sure has pretty good connections.

In her most recent blog this morning, she found a link that analyzed the remaining four three presidential candidates’ views on disability.

In a nutshell –

Clinton has a good plan — supporting IDEA and a better health care system.

Obama has it better than her — he supports a better educational system, a better support system for people with disabilities, and a better plan.

McCain’s plan sucks — major B.O. Straight from the horse’s mouth (i.e. McCain’s campaign website), he says that we need to 1) cut costs; and 2) don’t become disabled.

Well, there you have it. Our wonderful three candidates for the leader of the Free World United States.

P.S. Doesn’t anyone here HATE it when people say that the POTUS is the leader of the free world? He (and eventually a she) is NOT. The POTUS is simply the elected leader of the United States, not the United Countries of the World, thankyouverymuch.

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I went to meet Alli for her school project at Freer and Sackler Galleries (part of the Smithsonian Institution).

We pretty much didn’t do anything there except steal gazes at each other and I mustered up the courage to give her a kiss in front of some kind of Japanese tapestry enclosed in a protective glass.

There became our everlasting courtship. It’s been nine years since.

As our faboo friend Shilpa always says when she sees what shenanigans we’re up to — “you guys should start your own reality TV show,” to our “yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that before,” the CK and Alli Reality Show has been airing for nine years now, and won’t be off the air for quite a while.

Happy date-nniversary, hon!


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