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Two years ago, I recorded every single commercial during the Super Bowl on CBS. All of my statistics can be found on this blog post.

This year, NAD asked for folks to keep track of the commercials to see which ones were captioned.

71% of the commercials were captioned two years ago.

This time around, I recorded 78 commercials from 6:30pm to the end of the Super Bowl. Amazingly, only threee were not captioned. That’s a stunning 96.2% of commercials captioned. That’s a huge, huge difference from two years ago. Kudos to NBC for stepping up with the captions this year.

The three that were not captioned? ERA (Employee Rights Act), Chevy OnStar, and NBC’s own “America’s Got Talent”, featuring Howard Stern.

My favorite commercials? The Fiat, The Volkswagen Dog/Darth Vader, Pepsi Elton John, and NBC’s spoof of Betty White.

Until next year!


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A couple of years ago my ex and I wrote down every single commercial and noted whether it was captioned or not. We were surprised to see the rate close to 40% (captioned). With the Indy vs. Who Dat game and me home “snowed in” I had nothing better to do than list every single commercial and note if it was captioned or not.

Keep in mind there’s always a margin of error. I may not have caught every single commercial.

Here’s the list of commercials from the kickoff to right before the halftime analysis by CBS: (commercials NOT captioned will receive a “*”)

Bud Light House
Betty White Snickers
Tim Tebow
CBS Survivors
Hyundai musical
Doritos dog
Robin Hood trailer*
Doritos – “Stay away from my momma”
Bud Light asteroid
CBS NCIS headslap
Coke Simpson’s Burns
GoDaddy.com masseuse
Undercover Boss*
Doritos dead guy
Bud Light singing men
Monster.com beavers*
Wolfman trailer
CBS Halftime Show – The Who
Bridgestone Tires – Killer Whale/Bachelor Party
Sketchers’ Shape Ups shoes*
CBS Network #1
Budweiser bridge’s out
Shutter Island trailer*
CBS Cares (heart attack prevention)
CBS: Amazing Race
Careerbuilder.com Casual Friday
Dockers’ Free Pants
Hyundai presenting Brett Favre
Bud Light flight wreck (LOST)
Dove for Men
NFL Network Draft
CBS Bridgestone Halftime Show
Dodge Charger “I will do…”
Papa John’s
Alice in Wonderland trailer
Dr. Pepper: KISS
Tru.tv Troy Pomalau/Groundhog Day*
CBS: 2 1/2 Men*
Universal Studios Harry Potter*
Flo.tv Jim Nance*
Intel Processors
Flo.tv The Who’s “Generation”*
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles
Local cable, “Topper Shutt’s real name”*

Halftime statistics: 37/51 commercials captioned for 73%.

CBS, CSI:NY featuring Danica Patrick
CBS, Amazing Race
NFL Network
CBS, Undercover Boss
CBS, The Good Wife
CBS, March Madness*
CBS, Miami Medical
Backup Plan, trailer
CBS, The Mentalist
Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks*
Freight Railroad*
Ford featuring Mike Rowe/Ford Focus*
Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks*
Prince of Persia, trailer
Motorola, featuring Megan Fox
Volkswagen, featuring Stevie Wonder
Denny’s free Grand Slam
CBS, How I Met Your Mother*
Michelob Ultra featuring Lance Armstrong
HomeAway.com featuring the Griswolds
Bridgestone Tires, Australian accent
KGB “Answer 542542”
Coke, sleepwalking safari
ETrade talking babies
CBS, How I Met Your Mother
CBS, Survivor
Census 2010
Google, France search
CBS, Late Show with David Letterman*
Kia Sorento
Round-Up Weed Killer
Budweiser Select 55
CBS, Monday nights*
NFL Network “Thank You”
CBS, Masters golf tournament
Vizio Internet Apps
Emerald Nuts/Pop Secret
NFL Draft
CBS, Undercover Boss
Dante’s Inferno video game
Budweiser, the longhorn*
? (missed that one, but daughter states it was not captioned)*
? (missed that one but daughter states it is captioned)
CBS, NCIS: Los Angeles
CBS, Criminal Minds
Audi, the Green Police
Taco Bell featuring Charles Barkley
Doritos, “Tim loves Doritos”
Bud Light
Hyundai Sonata
Etrade, crying babies*
CBS, Amazing Race
Sketchers Shape Ups*
Denny’s free Grand Slam (birthday)
CBS comedy night lineup
CBS, The Mentalist
ETrade, airplane ride
Chunky Campbell soup
Flo.tv, Jim Nance*
CBS, Amazing Race
Cars.com, monkey*
Ford, featuring Mike Rowe

I stopped at the last set of commercials before the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy.

During the second half, there were 71 commercials, and a lot more were not captioned. For the second half, 50 of 71 were captioned for a 71% rate.

For the entire Super Bowl, there were a total of 122 commercials and 87 of these were captioned for 71%. The biggest flops of the entire night went to Ford, Flo.tv, and Sketchers shape-ups (shoes).

Big props go to Doritos and Coke for captioning every single commercial they presented. I would have mentioned Budweiser here, but they did not caption the commercial with the Clydesdale and the longhorn.

Worst commercials? Denny’s, Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks, and defeatthedebt.com. And, c’mon CBS. I know you hosted the Super Bowl this year on your network, but you didn’t have to swamp us with constant reminders of why you are the number #1 network in America. Thankyouveddymuch.

Best commercials? Dodge Charger’s “I will…”, Google’s Paris search, Snickers featuring Betty White, and Jalen “stay away from my momma” Doritos.

The game? I barely remember it, but I know it’s WHO DAT!

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If you’re like me, you might be headed to your relatives house for the holidays, and many of you might be going to homes where you are the minority. Gasp! You’re actually deaf in a hearing-dominated household.

Here are some tips you can actually consider to pass the time or make this much less of an ordeal.

1. Be prepared. No, this isn’t a Boy Scouts convention. It means to be prepared for everything and anything. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard. I’ve learned the hard way. Great-grandmother’s coming and you didn’t know? Smile and go with the flow. There’s an impromptu event that no one shared with you? Just do it. Simply be prepared.

2. Have things to do. I think this year is different for me because I don’t have a companion to pass the time with. I’ve always had my ex-wife with me to keep me sane. This year, I’m already screaming for companionship. It does help to have my daughter with me, but when she’s playing with her new Nerf toy or fawning over her aunt, I’m all alone. I’ve resorted to reading one of the books I brought with me (this one being Brisingr), or spending time on the computer. Just last night I had an awesome Skype conversation with a friend.

3. Be patient. I’ve had dinner two nights in a row with my relatives, and unfortunately, both nights, these two relatives were talking the entire time at the dinner table and I had no idea what they were talking about, so I just ate my dinner in silence and made small talk with Leah. Tonight, I gave up and left the table after I ate. Sometimes it pays to be patient, but my patience is wearing thin, especially with two more nights to go before I go back home.

4. Being helpful can go a long way. Instead of brooding in silence in my bedroom, I could do something proactive and help out. Whether it’s helping decorate the house, helping prepare meals, or just making yourself available around the house, the relatives would appreciate it. Even if these moments may go entirely without one word uttered, you’d feel good.

5. Numb the pain. It can be painful to be left alone, to be ignored, to be told “oh, it’s nothing important” when you ask what everyone’s talking about. Believe me, I know. This is speaking from 20+ years of experience. It only got worse when my parents got divorced. This is why for the past few years my ex and I both made a joint-decision to celebrate the holidays in our own home, and make brief trips to visit our immediate families during the holidays. Your family loves you. So, just be there for them and hold onto the pain and find another way to release it later.

6. Be honest and open about your feelings. The same friend I mentioned above isn’t going home for the holidays for the first time ever. She made this decision based on feeling the same way I am feeling right now. It was hard for her to be home and feeling alone. So, what she did was she wrote an email to her family members to explain her reasons why she was not going home for the holidays this year. That email probably made some of her family members well-up with tears or feel guilty for years of pushing aside their deaf relative, but that was a heartfelt, genuine email. I’ve done this before, and none of my family members really liked hearing what I said, but I was honest and open about my feelings. If you are too, it will help the situation, at least on your end.

When all else fails…remember that you’re there for your relatives, and after all, it’s the holiday season!

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A year ago, I’d have laughed in your face if you told me I’d be using Twitter on a frequent basis.

Heck, I would have asked you “what is a twitter?”

Now it is a big part of my daily activities — from finding out what friends are up to or hearing about hot topics, it has become the tool that the developers intended it to be — a microblog.

When my mom ranted a couple of months ago about where I find all this time to do Facebook, blogging, and tweeting, I just didn’t bother answering. Part of me knew she wouldn’t understand what I would explain to her. The bottom line…it doesn’t take much time or effort.

I recently wrote a new column for my regular place at i711.com and this column will focus on how these multimedia tools have replaced several mainstays in the deaf community — particularly deaf periodicals. (When I get the URL of the article, I’ll post it.) In that column, I explained how tweeting and updating one’s status on Facebook has replaced the way we receive news.

Remember how when Michael Jackson died, he nearly brought the Internet with him. We, as society, crave instant results. Instant gratification. As a high school teacher, I see that all the time now. My students want to know their grades now, now and now.

Jared Evans recently presented at the DCARA vlog symposium and was gracious enough to allow his followers to view his PowerPoint presentation. One story from his presentation stood out for me.

Just how powerful Twitter can be in the Deaf community.

Remember the Netflix dilemma?

Jared illustrated that in the days after the furor started, Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin joined the bandwagon with her Twitter following. Because of the ability to do searches in Twitter (#Netflix) and RT (retweeting), word of what Netflix said flew through space like the Millennium Falcon. In a week, Matlin doubled the number of followers from 5,000 to nearly 10,000. All because of RT’ing.

While we may have lost our ability to be patient and wait for news to come via TTY or from house visits from our deaf friends, we have gained a powerful tool that can be used to measure how news gets to us.

Heck, even now, I just got a tweet from a friend who’s at the National airport waiting for a flight to Oregon. *snickers*

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True Colors

Don’t ya hate it when people assume you go to a specific college? Well, make that a bit obvious…will ya?


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Yesterday I got into an argument with my mom about the captions on television shows.

First — let me tell you — my mom has and will always be an advocate for deaf and hard of hearing people.

But I think she’s overreacting about this, unless I’m wrong?

We all know that captions do not accurately transcribe what is being said, whether it is live or scripted.

That pisses my mom off so much she gets angry when she hears and sees otherwise.

For me, I don’t care. I could care less that the captions are wrong. The way I view it, I get my information from multiple sources, including the Internet. So, I just roll my eyes if I see something said (through reading lips on the TV) and see the captions say something else.

Are inaccurate captions a bothersome thing for you? Or am I correct in thinking my mom may be overreacting?

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So we were duped last night.

The clip with the MSD cheerleader and myself in it didn’t make it on live national TV last night. Instead it was a clip of the football team in practice, in a game, and the head coach, Andy Bonheyo.

From what I hear from officials at school today, the clip with me in it actually makes it on TV this coming Sunday, October 19.

I just hope it actually will air.

Thank you all for the comments, pager messages and such. It is an awesome thing…really.

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