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A couple of weeks ago, a crew from the Toyota Line of Scrimmage came to where I work (Maryland School for the Deaf) to film the cheerleaders and the football team and to profile our star running back, Ryan.

Tonight at halftime during the Sunday Night Football game on NBC will be the first of two segments. The next one is next week.

So, either watch during halftime the Toyota Line of Scrimmage segment tonight — it’s only 45-seconds long, so don’t miss it — or watch the clip from the website.


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Over the years, I’ve used drive through windows at fast food restaurants. I drive up to the window with a paper with my handwritten order ready.

Often I get puzzled looks from the worker, but after I gesture that I’m deaf, they nod and place my order and I pay.

One thing that bothers me is with the advent of technology, why aren’t the order voice boxes digital? Don’t you think it’s time that each drive thru has a push-button service so I can place my order by pressing buttons on a touch-screen computer or a similar device?

Case in point: This afternoon I needed to get some change in order to not put a $20 bill in a car wash machine, I decided to get a side dish of nachos with cheese from Taco Bell. I waited in line, with five cars in front of me, and when I got to the window, I had my order ready.

“No. Walk in the restaurant.”

I gestured that I was deaf and cannot place my order.

“No. Walk in the restaurant.”

“No. I want to order here,” giving him my order paper. He doesn’t look at it and repeats his sentence.

I wrote on the paper I have the right to request service. I’d like to speak to your manager please.

He read the paper and wrote down this, and I’m not kidding you: I ain’t against you. I can’t put your order in. I have too many orders. Please come in.

I’m like — what? Oh man. Part of me wanted to sit there and continue to demand, but I was in no mood to argue. Looking in the restaurant, I saw there were several people waiting to order, and since I had already been in line for more than 10 minutes, I was in no mood to wait anymore. I wrote I’ll go park. Please have my order ready when I come in so I don’t have to wait. He nodded.

I parked and walked in. My order wasn’t exactly ready, but it didn’t take too long.

After I explained all of this to Alli, she said there was a lawsuit a couple of years ago where a deaf mom sued a fast food restaurant for refusing service at the window. Now if I had known about that…

But, still…why not just make the order box more “current” with touch-screen service? Or is it a hearing thing? With many American newspapers and Internet news at the sixth to eighth grade level, it’s possible that fast food chains know the average American probably won’t be able to read the menu.

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