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With most of the Wamarva region buried in 30+ inches of snow in the past six days, here are ten things I think…

10. This upcoming weekend will see a boom in the restaurant and retail business, especially with Valentine’s Day and people screaming to get out of their snow-caves.

9. There’s a spike in movie rentals this week. Like, duh.

8. In the upcoming days and weeks, there will be spikes in appointments with chiropractors and masseuses.

7. People will actually finish things they have put off for so long. Like household projects or cleaning duties.

6. We will probably never see this again — 47 states have snow on the ground. Three guesses who the other three states are.

5. People will have become adept to driving in snow and ice…and some people remain idiots.

4. There will be a boom in child births in October.

3. The Weather Channel is the most watched channel. And people will learn what the blue spots on the radar mean.

2. In spite of idiotic drivers, there are some creative souls out there. People have found creative ways to remove snow. Dustpan. Cookie sheet. Mixing bowl. Brooms. A towel wrapped around someone’s arm (props to NP).

1. Hot chocolate tastes so good with Kahula.


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Happy Holidays

To you, your loved ones, and to your friends…

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Last weekend my good friend Travis and I made a 1,100 mile weekend trip to Indianapolis to visit the King Tutankhamun exhibit that will only tour the United States once before returning permanently back to Egypt.

No, we didn’t see King Tut’s mummified body. We did see a lot of exhibits about his family and his tomb. We were forbidden from taking photos in the exhibit, but we did see the following:

  • King Tut’s canopic coffinette (where his insides were embalmed and stored for the voyage to the afterlife)
  • Tut’s golden sandals that he worn in his tomb
  • earrings (and other jewelry)
  • HUGE bust of Pharaoh Akhenaten (more on that later)
  • Funerary mask of Psusennes I
  • Coffin of Ahmose
  • Tut’s royal bed (made of wood and still intact after 4,000+ years)

Much more! About Akenaten — he was suspected to have been King Tut’s father, and he believed in monotheism — the practice of worshipping one god. That was against traditional Egyptian practice. After his death, his legacy was shattered from the records and he was “swept under the rug.” That’s one of the main reasons why experts believe King Tut’s tomb was intact — he was unknown because of his association with Akenaten. Fascinating story.

In the Children’s Museum, we also saw some other exhibits — namely the Star Wars: The Clone Wars props, and the 43-foot tall glass tower made by famed glass sculptor/artist Dale Chihuly. See pictures:

Glass Tower

see-thru floor(this was the see-through floor that you could view from the bottom. Every piece of color is made from glass.)

dinosaurs at entranceDinosaurs at the entrance of the museum.

AnubisHuge statue of Egypt god Anubis on the outside of the museum

clockPendulum clock operated solely on water (it’s dyed blue in the photo) — vacuum operated that pushes water up and down to count the minutes and hours.

travisnmeTravis and me on the rotating seat looking up at the glass ceiling.

We didn’t get to see much of Indianapolis — but I saw Lucas Oil Stadium — where the Indianapolis Colts play football. It looks nice and clean from the outside.

We ate at two nice restaurants in downtown Indy, and I added 4 shot glasses to my ever-growing collection.

It was definitely a good weekend. If you ever want to see King Tut — go see him before October!

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In order to curb midday cravings, I’ve turned to chewing gum.

A couple of days ago I browsed the candy aisle at a store and noticed something I haven’t tried in a long time — Wrigley’s!

WrigleysSpearmintGum-1913AI just had to buy it! So today I popped a stick in my mouth and I was awash with memories — instant flashbacks to my great-grandfather — “Pop”.  He always had this gum in his house and every time I went to visit, he’d always offer me a piece of spearmint or Juicy Fruit.

The wave of mint taste engulfed my mouth and I sighed in contentment and closed my eyes to think about Pop.

Childhood memories like that are always pleasant.

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Last night, I had an improptu meeting for an organization I am volunteering my time with. The website launch of that company is scheduled for May 1 and we had to meet to fix the kinks in the system and I had to bring Leah with me. She had a horse to play with (same size as a plastic army toy soldier) and a book to read.

Being a restless 7-year old that she is, she got bored after 10 minutes. The nice people at Starbucks gave her a paper to draw on and coloring markers. Nice.

After that, Leah graciously gave her drawing to the barista and the barista proudly displayed Leah’s art on the bulletin board in the restaurant.

The going price is $5…any takers? Go to the Starbucks in downtown Silver Spring, the one next to Potbelly. It’ll be gone soon 🙂


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If you’re like me and you’re in your house waiting for the snow to stop to start shoveling or to stay warm, here’s a video that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

I’m sure at the end, he’s like “huh, wha??? Okay, that was a strange dream.”

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Go to QueenAlpo’s blog to see

Happy holidays to all of you!

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