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Last June while I was visiting family in NY and Alli was at her MFA orientation, Leah apparently did something mischievous.

Go ahead and watch the video. It’s 4 minutes, 40 seconds long but  worth it…especially watch the last few seconds of the video to make sure you don’t miss it!

The Undiscovered Leah from Chris Kaftan on Vimeo.


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Over French toast this morning, Alli and I were discussing Christmas shopping then that brought us to wedding dresses (other people’s dresses, mind you), and Leah pretty much caught on what we were talking about. From that point on, we started to discuss the “superficial” details about how babies were made.

After I explained that “Daddy put something with Mommy and we made you and Mommy gave birth to you” Leah then started declaring she would have a baby soon — when she grows up. She even graphically explained that we would help hold her legs while she gave birth.

Alli explained that you need two people — a person or a doctor to make a baby and that Leah can’t do it “alone.” Leah’s response? “OK.”

She’s going to be 7 this Saturday and she’s already thinking of having kids!

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Leah Moment #1214

Leah: I’m full now.

Mom: If you’re full, you can stop eating now.

L: No. I am still eating. It will come out in my poop.

M: Are you sure?

L: Yes, (points at cheddar potato soup in bowl) I will finish it and it will come out.

M: looks at Leah

L: No, wait, I drink the soup, so maybe it will come out peeing.

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Been having a great time at home this past week. Only thing is I miss Alli something terrible.

A highlight of my trip up to NY was a planned day-trip to Cooperstown, the birthplace of baseball and the site of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

My sister Melanie, Leah and I left early this morning, prepared for a 2.5-3 hour drive through upstate NY on back roads. We checked Google Maps and my GPS and it had indicated for us to drive through a number of county roads through four different counties.

At one point, after scaling a mountain pass that was pretty much overflowing with grass on both sides and only wide enough for one car and arriving to the end of it and looking at my GPS for help. My GPS told me to keep going straight ahead, onto a dirt road. Knowing this was the boonies, I decided to see if this dirt road would lead to the next county road. It actually led to a dead end and an abandoned home in the woods. Strange.

So, we headed back down the dirt road and drove about a mile up a road until we met this nice lady on the side of the road, whom we asked directions from.

“moo-ve over to the right and keep going down until you get to county route #42”

Okaaay. We kept going and finally arrived to Cooperstown, a good 2 hours away, not bad, considering the GPS first said we would arrive in 3 hours.

We entered the museum and the first thing I made a beeline for was the Hall of Fame Gallery — with all of the plaques of each player, manager, umpire, and executive enshrined. Being the loyal Yankee fan I am, I took a picture of every single player wearing a Yankee cap.

Here’s one such plaque:

Leah promptly told me she wanted to be a future player:

We didn’t have a lot of time there. The website says it would take a full day to go through the different exhibits, and 2-3 days if you are a baseball buff. Well, I’m a buff, but I cannot stay there 2-3 days, so I squeezed as much as I could into four hours.

Melanie and Leah against a backdrop of the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.

Leah and Dad in front of Babe Ruth’s locker from Yankee Stadium, plus his real uniform, shoes, belt, and hat.

Leah and Dad sitting on actual bleacher seats left from the old Polo Grounds in NYC. The Polo Grounds were the home of the NY Giants (NL), the Yankees, and the Highlanders before the Grounds were torn down.

Don’t ask me why, in the three pictures above, Leah wasn’t looking at Aunt Melanie — she seems to think it’s cool to look away from the camera.

Then afterwards we ate at the ShortStop restaurant a block down from the museum…

Then we headed back to the museum to look around some more and to allow me to oogle over different memorabilia and items in the Museum Store. I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn’t decide what I wanted and any interruptions from Leah or from someone else irritated me.

I finally settled on a banner with the logos of the four All Star Games that have taken place at Yankee Stadium (the final one is this year on July 12). Leah got a mini-bat and her first pack of baseball cards. Cute.

The Museum is a magical place for people — there were many kids there with their own baseball uniforms on, and many fans with their team affiliation worn proudly. Let’s say…there were quite a few Red Sox and Yankee fans there today, but it sure looked like there were more Yankee fans than Red Sox fans.

Just knowing that I was in the birthplace of baseball and at a place where players of the yesteryear came to have their diamond accomplishments recognized sure made my day. In spite of all of the unpaved and dirt roads. It was definitely worth it.

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Here at the Kaftan household, I’m trying to combat my cabin fever (already!) by cleaning out our basement. Since Alli and I pretty much agreed we won’t have any more kids, we’re getting rid of all of our baby stuff and Leah’s clothes.

Before I try Goodwill and Craig’s List, I want to offer these things to you for free (some) and for sale (CHEAP).

Sagolek (from Ikea) play castle. Water resistant and in excellent condition. Only used three or four times. $5 dollars.

2.4 GHz wireless baby monitor in excellent condition and in original packaging. $20 (or negotiate offer).

Lava lamps! Two different colors: blue liquid with white lava in a black metal base. Also have clear liquid with red lava in silver metal base. $5 each. (in good condition)

evenflo car seat. Designed for toddlers. It has some wear and tear on the padding and on the back from adjusting straps as our daughter grew up. $5 or better offer. Comes with cup holders on both sides.

Aiwa CX NAJ50 CD-R/CD-RW 3-disc stereo system. In excellent condition. Only used for several months. Comes with instruction book, remote control, and all wiring. $20 or best offer.

Leap Frog brand toys. All still work and all are in excellent condition. We got most of these before we found out Leah was deaf, so she didn’t play with these toys much. $15 for all four or $4 each.

Graco Glider stroller. Big wheels (think easy navigation on sidewalks) with cup holders, tray for kids, and shade. In good condition, with normal wear on wheels, $10.

Medela “Pump In Style” travel breastpump. Only used for two months. In excellent condition and comes with everything, bags, wipes, ice chest (build-in). $40 or best offer.


  • Girls clothes, all sizes from newborn to 6T (clothes are free, but if you get some, donations would be appreciated).
  • Baby and toddler toys (apart from the Leap Frog toys, these are typical Fisher Price kind of toys you will find anywhere. Toys are 50 cents to $1 each.
  • Baby stuff — ranging from milk bottles, breast milk bags, potty seats, bathtub for babies, etc. Prices vary from $1 to $5.

Please pass the word. If you know of someone who wants or needs these things, direct them to this blog or have them contact me via email at ckaftan (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thank you for patronizing Kaftan Antiques Store! (winks)

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Sunday morning Leah got up from eating the pancakes I made for the family (at 7:45am, no less) and disappeared for a good five minutes.

Upon returning to the table, she declared that she had (in ASL): POOPED HARD.

We giggled. Then being crazy parents, we asked what color it was and she replied with a matter-of-fact expression: “brown.”

Alli then looked at me and said “oh no, Leah will have to go to the hospital, she is sick and she will need shots!”

I nodded in agreement.  Leah looked at the two of us puzzled with a “wha?” expression.

“Leah has the wrong color poop. She needs purple poop.”

“No, you funny! Brown poop!”

“No, Leah. You need purple poop, Right dad?”

“Yep, my poop is blue. Girls have purple poop.”

Leah looked dumbfounded. Confused, she told Alli “NO! BROWN POOP!”

“No, honey, we have to bring you to the hospital for shots. You are sick.”

At that point, I think the misery got to her and she looked flustered and ran from the dining table, sobbing to the living room.


Alli walked over to her, consoled her and told her “I’m teasing” with a smile on her face.

Leah looked at Alli then at me, and through the tears smiled and said “you teased!” She started laughing.

Thus continues the saga of poop in our household.

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A couple of nights ago we visited with our friends Sarah and Jeff at Sarah’s pad in Silver Spring.

Great food, great wine, and great entertainment. We had entertainment in the form of Greek salad without the feta (stop worrying Saz, it’s ok), Mario Kart for Wii, and endless conversations about farting and poop.

We all settled down to play a 4-way game of Mario Kart. We have our own Wii, but no Kart game — but after playing this game, I’m definitely going to get our own!

*note to anyone out there, make sure you buy an extra steering wheel, it does help with the game!*

Here’s a short clip, shot by Saz and edited by me, of the night. You’ll see how different Leah acts compared to the frantic adults around her

It’s always fun to get together with cool adults and some fun with Wii!

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