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A couple of years ago my ex and I wrote down every single commercial and noted whether it was captioned or not. We were surprised to see the rate close to 40% (captioned). With the Indy vs. Who Dat game and me home “snowed in” I had nothing better to do than list every single commercial and note if it was captioned or not.

Keep in mind there’s always a margin of error. I may not have caught every single commercial.

Here’s the list of commercials from the kickoff to right before the halftime analysis by CBS: (commercials NOT captioned will receive a “*”)

Bud Light House
Betty White Snickers
Tim Tebow
CBS Survivors
Hyundai musical
Doritos dog
Robin Hood trailer*
Doritos – “Stay away from my momma”
Bud Light asteroid
CBS NCIS headslap
Coke Simpson’s Burns
GoDaddy.com masseuse
Undercover Boss*
Doritos dead guy
Bud Light singing men
Monster.com beavers*
Wolfman trailer
CBS Halftime Show – The Who
Bridgestone Tires – Killer Whale/Bachelor Party
Sketchers’ Shape Ups shoes*
CBS Network #1
Budweiser bridge’s out
Shutter Island trailer*
CBS Cares (heart attack prevention)
CBS: Amazing Race
Careerbuilder.com Casual Friday
Dockers’ Free Pants
Hyundai presenting Brett Favre
Bud Light flight wreck (LOST)
Dove for Men
NFL Network Draft
CBS Bridgestone Halftime Show
Dodge Charger “I will do…”
Papa John’s
Alice in Wonderland trailer
Dr. Pepper: KISS
Tru.tv Troy Pomalau/Groundhog Day*
CBS: 2 1/2 Men*
Universal Studios Harry Potter*
Flo.tv Jim Nance*
Intel Processors
Flo.tv The Who’s “Generation”*
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles
Local cable, “Topper Shutt’s real name”*

Halftime statistics: 37/51 commercials captioned for 73%.

CBS, CSI:NY featuring Danica Patrick
CBS, Amazing Race
NFL Network
CBS, Undercover Boss
CBS, The Good Wife
CBS, March Madness*
CBS, Miami Medical
Backup Plan, trailer
CBS, The Mentalist
Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks*
Freight Railroad*
Ford featuring Mike Rowe/Ford Focus*
Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks*
Prince of Persia, trailer
Motorola, featuring Megan Fox
Volkswagen, featuring Stevie Wonder
Denny’s free Grand Slam
CBS, How I Met Your Mother*
Michelob Ultra featuring Lance Armstrong
HomeAway.com featuring the Griswolds
Bridgestone Tires, Australian accent
KGB “Answer 542542”
Coke, sleepwalking safari
ETrade talking babies
CBS, How I Met Your Mother
CBS, Survivor
Census 2010
Google, France search
CBS, Late Show with David Letterman*
Kia Sorento
Round-Up Weed Killer
Budweiser Select 55
CBS, Monday nights*
NFL Network “Thank You”
CBS, Masters golf tournament
Vizio Internet Apps
Emerald Nuts/Pop Secret
NFL Draft
CBS, Undercover Boss
Dante’s Inferno video game
Budweiser, the longhorn*
? (missed that one, but daughter states it was not captioned)*
? (missed that one but daughter states it is captioned)
CBS, NCIS: Los Angeles
CBS, Criminal Minds
Audi, the Green Police
Taco Bell featuring Charles Barkley
Doritos, “Tim loves Doritos”
Bud Light
Hyundai Sonata
Etrade, crying babies*
CBS, Amazing Race
Sketchers Shape Ups*
Denny’s free Grand Slam (birthday)
CBS comedy night lineup
CBS, The Mentalist
ETrade, airplane ride
Chunky Campbell soup
Flo.tv, Jim Nance*
CBS, Amazing Race
Cars.com, monkey*
Ford, featuring Mike Rowe

I stopped at the last set of commercials before the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy.

During the second half, there were 71 commercials, and a lot more were not captioned. For the second half, 50 of 71 were captioned for a 71% rate.

For the entire Super Bowl, there were a total of 122 commercials and 87 of these were captioned for 71%. The biggest flops of the entire night went to Ford, Flo.tv, and Sketchers shape-ups (shoes).

Big props go to Doritos and Coke for captioning every single commercial they presented. I would have mentioned Budweiser here, but they did not caption the commercial with the Clydesdale and the longhorn.

Worst commercials? Denny’s, Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks, and defeatthedebt.com. And, c’mon CBS. I know you hosted the Super Bowl this year on your network, but you didn’t have to swamp us with constant reminders of why you are the number #1 network in America. Thankyouveddymuch.

Best commercials? Dodge Charger’s “I will…”, Google’s Paris search, Snickers featuring Betty White, and Jalen “stay away from my momma” Doritos.

The game? I barely remember it, but I know it’s WHO DAT!


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