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With most of the Wamarva region buried in 30+ inches of snow in the past six days, here are ten things I think…

10. This upcoming weekend will see a boom in the restaurant and retail business, especially with Valentine’s Day and people screaming to get out of their snow-caves.

9. There’s a spike in movie rentals this week. Like, duh.

8. In the upcoming days and weeks, there will be spikes in appointments with chiropractors and masseuses.

7. People will actually finish things they have put off for so long. Like household projects or cleaning duties.

6. We will probably never see this again — 47 states have snow on the ground. Three guesses who the other three states are.

5. People will have become adept to driving in snow and ice…and some people remain idiots.

4. There will be a boom in child births in October.

3. The Weather Channel is the most watched channel. And people will learn what the blue spots on the radar mean.

2. In spite of idiotic drivers, there are some creative souls out there. People have found creative ways to remove snow. Dustpan. Cookie sheet. Mixing bowl. Brooms. A towel wrapped around someone’s arm (props to NP).

1. Hot chocolate tastes so good with Kahula.


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