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Yesterday I got into an argument with my mom about the captions on television shows.

First — let me tell you — my mom has and will always be an advocate for deaf and hard of hearing people.

But I think she’s overreacting about this, unless I’m wrong?

We all know that captions do not accurately transcribe what is being said, whether it is live or scripted.

That pisses my mom off so much she gets angry when she hears and sees otherwise.

For me, I don’t care. I could care less that the captions are wrong. The way I view it, I get my information from multiple sources, including the Internet. So, I just roll my eyes if I see something said (through reading lips on the TV) and see the captions say something else.

Are inaccurate captions a bothersome thing for you? Or am I correct in thinking my mom may be overreacting?


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