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Just how far is far enough

Just how far is far enough?

The red circle represents the location of Park51

The building of Park51, the controversial mosque and community center two blocks from  Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, has raised furor over the last couple of months from two groups – these who don’t want to see a mosque built so close to the WTC site, and those who believe that every religious group has the right to practice their religion freely.

There are a lot of other factors involved in this, and I’m not going to repeat them all here. You can Google them yourself, but there is one simple point I want to make here.

Just how far is far enough to build a mosque in Manhattan?

Did you know that the center is being built by a private organization on land it legally owns. Twenty-nine out of 30 lower Manhattan community-board members voted to approve it. By every legal standard, the case for allowing Park51 to be built is, in the words of conservative UCLA constitutional-law professor Eugene Volokh, “open and shut.”

Did you know that the location is not even close to the 16-blocks that the WTC once occupied?

Did you know there is a mosque 12 blocks from the WTC site?

And, there is a mosque, Masjid Manhattan, three blocks from Ground Zero.

Tell me, how far is far enough?

This whole thing is ridiculous.


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